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Outstream considers itself as an advanced web, informatics & visual communication laboratory with high expertise to state-of-the-art technologies of the web and continuous research for new even more advanced means to develop and to bring results for our customers.

Main outstream policy is the low cost of services, in order to implement its strategy : many very pleased clients to enjoy low cost, but high quality services.

Focusing in reliability about timelines, costs and results, nothing can make us feel better  than the sincere smile levied on project completion.

The laboratory openly supports the open source software and web development, open source web applications in all fields souch as, e-shop platforms, cms applications, crm applications and servers software. The laboratory uses open source software to provide it’s services to the customers, believing in the global, disinterested collaboration which is based on and developed by the open source phenomenon.

Outstream collaborates, researches  and also gives back ( voluntary work on several projects ) to the open source organizations ( such as : wordpress, joomla, apache server foundation, vtiger crm, linux, ubuntu ) and many others.

The laboratory believes more in collaboration than in tough competition, and considers each client as a unique case, even when there are clients from the same field of industry  that enjoy outstream’s services.

As indicated in e-mail marketing page, outstream does not buy, rent or sale e-mail lists and all of our intelligence is  gathered  by laboratory’s associates.

The laboratory fully complies with the Greek and European legislation and regulations for the internet in all levels and fields, but more of that, complies with the ethics of the internet, as formed by it’s users worldwide.

Outstream does not operate with hard selling tactics : we don’t think that to  convince the potential customer by uncompromising perseverance is a healthy, lucid practice.

The laboratory does not use black hat tactics to achieve seo results, and does not buy back link services to bring a website in high position in search engines. All of our work is based in our research and in our experience.

Through the principles described above, the laboratory often provides its services voluntarily and without any requirement to nonprofit humanitarian, medical, and environmental organizations in all fields.

Finally, outstream really believes in a collaborating world and in fair competition : the ultimate scope must be our exaltation as human beings and to exalt our civilization not only  economically or technologically, but mostly humanistic.

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