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Fundraising Specialists-Consultants

We guide you to thrive gathering the necessary capital to growth- or even start- your business, securing at the same time that you will keep the control of your company.

Fair & simple.

Competitive Intelligence

We define, gather, analyse and deliver intelligence about competitors, products, customers and any aspect of the environment needed to support your business and managers in strategic decision making.


After the completion of CI, both we choose the targeted countries and immediacy establish strategic contacts via multiple channels  (Champers, embassies etc.)

We guide you step by step in all process, your potential client’s credit checks and reliability, reviewing and consulting your commercial contracts, apply with efficiency all the country’s and international commercial legislation.

Strategic marketing

We create a full scale marketing and sales strategy, tailored to your company’s needs fully adapted to local & global markets, using hi-end technologies and big data mining.

Key Contacts

We set together the rules of engagement and we proceed to your representation and commercial negotiations with both clients and suppliers, to achieve the best possible, fair outcome for your business.

We strongly believe in fair trade and in a fundamental (at least for us)  trade principal: in the end of an negotiation, now one must feel like victim.
Sooner or later the deal will be broken or even worst, the deal will never practically start.



Outstream SA act as your company formation advisor mostly in UK but and any country of the world. We make things easy for you, at any scale, from a local store to coblex multinational branches.


We monitor your business duties, accountinc, tax, from the beginning to the end of every accounting period, providing constantly finance and tax consulting, in a unprecedented level of detail and efficiency.


Supplier, client or a merge, new partnership, new contract for a new project;

We take the necessary negotiations to an entirely new level, leading in win-win situations and long term, solid collaborations.

Corporate Governance

We offer comprehensive counsel and representation to public and private companies concerning the regulatory landscape and best practice for corporate governance matters.

We assist clients with implementing new governance statutes, rules and regulations; auditing compliance; evaluating disclosure issues; investigating allegations of wrongdoing; and responding accordingly with measurable actions.


Our global team of experts can issue your copyright & patent in every industry sector, fast and with maximum efficiency. We secure EU and Global Copyrights and patents, in industry,  software, digital, transports, maritime, art, commercial trademarks.


The firm has built excellent relationships with funds and investors all over the world. We can guide you to find the proper funding [with fair terms and protecting your creation], so you can find the resources you need for to proceed to the next level.


Corporate Law

Specialised in corporate/company  International & local legal systems we provide solid Intel about what you can – and what you can not do, combining simplicity and accuracy.


Commercial, Lease, Contractors, Merges, Suppliers, Clients: everything that must be written and far more: everything that produce your legal protection.

Maritime Law

Maritime & Shipping International / Domestic Law, commercial contracts, dispute resolutions, consulting. For any flag, all over the globe.

Dispute resolutions

Before the court, we act so not to be needed one: we take the dispute and act as your representative to solve the mutter fair, gently, fast and with the maximum [given the circumstances] efficiency.

Forensic & Fraud Resolutions

Outstream SA’s anti fraud & digital forensic unit is fully capable to detect and resolve multiple & complex cases, with only one simple scope: to get your capital back. And in the most cases (over 90%) we achieve the result, before even legal actions (who costs time & money).

For the rest 10% we don’t charge a fee and we deliver our findings to justice.

So clean, so simple.

Shareholders Agreements

In the complex world of companies it is vital to have a shareholder agreement that protects your capital and ensures  your interests, your rights and your vote.

Having just a percentage of a company’s shares it’s surely not enough.

Outstream SA can guide you to a fair, clean shareholder agreement with your new partners, and also we can negotiate the terms for your behalf – with great efficiency.

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