Corporate Law

Specialised in corporate/company  International & local legal systems we provide solid Intel about what you can – and what you can not do, combining simplicity and accuracy.


Commercial, Lease, Contractors, Merges, Suppliers, Clients: everything that must be written and far more: everything that produce your legal protection.

Maritime Law

Maritime & Shipping International / Domestic Law, commercial contracts, dispute resolutions, consulting. For any flag, all over the globe.

Dispute resolutions

Before the court, we act so not to be needed one: we take the dispute and act as your representative to solve the mutter fair, gently, fast and with the maximum [given the circumstances] efficiency.

Forensic & Fraud Resolutions

Outstream SA’s anti fraud & digital forensic unit is fully capable to detect and resolve multiple & complex cases, with only one simple scope: to get your capital back. And in the most cases (over 90%) we achieve the result, before even legal actions (who costs time & money).

For the rest 10% we don’t charge a fee and we deliver our findings to justice.

So clean, so simple.

Shareholders Agreements

In the complex world of companies it is vital to have a shareholder agreement that protects your capital and ensures  your interests, your rights and your vote.

Having just a percentage of a company’s shares it’s surely not enough.

Outstream SA can guide you to a fair, clean shareholder agreement with your new partners, and also we can negotiate the terms for your behalf – with great efficiency.

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