Social Media Marketing

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Social media has well and truly changed the world of online marketing, and paid social medias at the very heart of that change. Organic activity will only get you so far. To compete for attention, social media advertising must be a key tactic in your social media strategy.
If you are not yet convinced about the power of social media advertising, let us throw some stats your way… 80% of millennial use the internet to research products before purchasing a product. Last year we saw ad spend on social media set a new pace that would outgrow TV ad spend for the first time.
There are now over 2 million businesses advertising on Facebook. 73.4% of users that follow a brand on social media is because they’re interested in the product or service.
In 2019, the average internet user had three social media accounts–now the average is closer to seven accounts.


Facebook is still the most popular social media network, and every business should have a Facebook page. When used correctly, a Facebook page can be invaluable to all businesses.


Instagram is becoming increasingly popular. From Instagram Live to Instagram Stories, there is no shortage of tools businesses can use to promote their services and products. Instagram is a visual platform that’s based entirely on photo and video posts.


YouTube is a video-sharing platform and has become the 2nd largest search engine with more than 1.8 billion users per month, a number that is constantly growing. In addition, youtube offers advanced targeting capabilities so businesses can reach their audience and meet their goals.


Twitter is great for short updates and sharing links to blog posts, it isn’t for every business. On Twitter, you can share short tweets, videos, images, links, polls and more. It’s also easy to interact with users on this platform by mentioning users in your posts along with liking and retweeting tweets.


LinkedIn might not be the most popular social media platform, it still has 260 million monthly users and is the best platform for professional networking. LinkedIn is a great platform for finding top talent, painting yourself as an industry leader and promoting your business.


Pinterest is a visually oriented platform allows users to save and display content by “pinning” digital bulletin boards, which can be organized by category.


Tik Tok is a social networking tool that combines social networking with music on an innovative platform. Tik Tok is a great advertising platform as its audience is massive and still growing. There are over 850 million users worldwide and is expected to grow even bigger. Furthermore, the engagement of the audience is really high as most users spending an hour or more on it.

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