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The Lab

Outstream considers itself as an advanced web, information & visual communication laboratory with high expertise to state-of-the-art technologies of the web and continuous research for new even more advanced means to develop and to bring results for our customers.

Main outstream policy is the low cost of services, in order to implement its strategy : many very pleased clients to enjoy low cost, but high quality services.

Focusing in reliability about timelines, costs and results, nothing can make us feel better than the sincere smile levied on project completion.

We never ( and never will ) stop to seek new ways, new methods to achieve even greater results in our fields: progress is the constant [r]evolution

Board of Directors

Founder  & Director
Fotis Grontàs

Vice President & Chief Technology Officer
Nikos Christomanos

Vice President, Chief Of Staff & Chief Marketing Officer
Evmorfia Zougri

Chief Financial Officer
Ioannis Gkouzos

Chief Legal Officer
Konstantinos Amasoglou

Chief Sales Officer
Dimitra Papadopoulou

the story


Will is the only weapon

Fotis Grontas opens the first office, a tiny space of  18 m2 in Thessaloniki, Greece.

The decision to open the office and run it as a web developing & digital marketing business  was taken the morning of August 19 2010, at the start of the greatest economic crisis of Greece after WW2, with nothing else in armory by absolute will and of course, zero  budget.



Two years, countless hours of work and 350 clients after, the British Company is created in London, by the name Outstream Web & Visual Communication Limited, with the scope to acquire international business clients.


Acts of Necessity

Moving to new, bigger (at last) offices and starting to combine (as a nececity of our clients demands and our previews heavy experience in B2B) website & e-shop development with strategic marketing and business consulting from Greece to Singapore and all the between countries.

Our brand is starting to establish a fame of a global vendor,  having the best analogy between cost and result in Europe.  


Ahead. Only

Third Moving to even bigger offices (still in Thessaloniki), hiring more personal, Launching our third business Unit,  DEEPMIND, the first Professional network in Greece, in Greek, combining state of the art technologies and innovations.

At the same time, Outstream is Launching our fourth Business Unit, Fotis Grontas & Associates    a Global Innovation in professional Business-to-Business services: an One Stop Service who combines British & International Corporate and Commercial Law, Strategic Consulting, Branding, Marketing, Visual Communication, Copywriting, from Company formation to your final product/service Global & Domestic market large-scale sales.

The vendor is Growth Hacking your new or existing business bringing it fast, -but step by step- to entirely new levels.


Business as unusual

2019 is the year that the company expands its capabilities in Political Marketing: together with digital marketing, visual communication, website, e-shop development, business consulting we run with amazing outcome one  full from scratch campaign for a Mayor candidate ending May, and three weeks later another, even more intense campaign for a MP candidate, ending July.

Texts, speeches, events, logos, websites, social media, videos, all from scratch.

The last week of Greece’s national elections the office had make 20.000 phone calls.

2019 +

That was a blast!

At November 29  2019, Fotis Grontas, founder and director of Outstream Laboratory was called from European Commission in Greece to be an Inspirational Speaker at the event EUandU Thessaloniki Edition.

The (completely unexpected) results of this speech still echoing even two years later bring’s the company in a new level of front line.

The speech (footage from the audience) 


Live Interview in RISE TV



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