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Outstream laboratory

Do you have an online store or website but no sales despite all the advertising and money you have spent?

That can stop now, as we are literally starting a New Age in Digital Marketing, with the most affordable monthly subscription for all our services.

With yet another innovation of Outstream we not only undertake the construction of your eShop & your online promotion but with measurable tangible results and accompanied by Growth Consulting, Brand Consulting & Business Consulting, as well as the use of DeepMind Analytics® which for the first time in Greece was brought by Outstream, the most advanced traffic analysis technology ever created, 100 times more accurate and targeted than Google Analytics, an analysis technology used by NASA, the UN & the European Union.

With the use of planned A/B testing, extensive market research for your products/services as well as the thorough analysis of the traffic of your online store, we initially carry out low-cost short-term campaigns in order to obtain traffic statistics including mainly the Convention Rate (the conversion rate of visitors to customers) e.g. Per 1000 visitors, how many visitors became customers?

Thus, with continuous improvement of your advertising promotions we achieve the maximum possible result of Conversion Rate and at the same time the ROI (Return Of Investment), i.e., for every amount of money spent on promotion, how many sales your business achieved.


There is no point in wasting money, time and energy on random cannon firing in the air. Things can be, and are, measurable, predictable and programmed to a degree you can’t imagine.

By joining the programme we undertake:

• Create Facebook/Instagram Page-Shop-Services (if you don’t already have one) automatically linked to your eShop or website.
• Create Google Merchant (promotion of your products and services in the Google directory) which is also automatically linked to your website or eShop
• Creation of ads such as banners/verbals/ads with Carousel on Facebook, creation of video ads for Youtube, creation of verbals and configuration for Google Ads and Google Performance Max
Especially in Social Media marketing, placements are made simultaneously and automatically everywhere: Facebook Feed, Facebook Stories, Messenger Stories, Instagram, Instagram Stories, Facebook Audience Network.
• Free consulting on both the technical/marketing level of your online store and consulting for your business, the brand building & economic study.


• Weekly traffic, progression & sales reports
• Weekly ad optimization in order to maximize results
• Weekly ROI Reports (Return of Investment, what amounts were paid by the company and what amounts were received as turnover)

Our clients receive ROI from 1000% up to 10000% turnover from the advertising, consulting and general Digital Marketing we do for them.


Will you still rely on luck?




Create a Facebook Shop automatically linked to your eshop. In Social Media marketing, placements are made simultaneously and automatically everywhere.



Create an Instagram Shop automatically linked to your eshop. Instagram advertising and instagram stories.



Creating commercial videos for the promotion of your business on Youtube.



Creation of Google Merchant, i.e. promotion of your products in the Google catalogue, which is also automatically linked to your e-shop, as well as the creation of wordings and customization for the promotion of your business in Google Ads

Digital Marketing 360⁰

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